Quickly add powerful code to your app

The apps you’ll have created by the end of this tutorial 😀


You can find the repo here.

Get Started

First, install iLineChart with the swift package manager.


Unfamiliar with the swift package manager 😕? No problem! Find detailed instructions here 😃!

Next, add the following to your view:

Starter Example Code

Quickly add powerful code to your app. A new project.

Demo’s Built Entirely with iSwiftUI.com packages

You’re building the next big app.

Maybe it’s a health app, or a stocks app, or social app. You’re excited by your product’s potential impact. You’re excited by the unique challenges of your product.

You’re maybe a little less passionate about the intricacies of a UIViewRepresentable. And maybe a little…

Alex Fine

Love to code. Prev. studied Math @ Stanford.

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