Quickly add powerful code to your app

The apps you’ll have created by the end of this tutorial 😀


You can find the repo here.

Get Started

First, install iLineChart with the swift package manager.


Unfamiliar with the swift package manager 😕? No problem! Find detailed instructions here 😃!

Next, add the following to your view:

Starter Example Code

Quickly add powerful code to your app. A new project.

Demo’s Built Entirely with iSwiftUI.com packages

You’re building the next big app.

Maybe it’s a health app, or a stocks app, or social app. You’re excited by your product’s potential impact. You’re excited by the unique challenges of your product.

You’re maybe a little less passionate about the intricacies of a UIViewRepresentable. And maybe a little more passionate about the proprietary ML algorithm integrated natively into your app. At least I was.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m an absolute nerd and LOVE to geek out over interesting code. I’m the guy on the team people call when those whacky bugs show up. That’s why I…

Alex Fine

Love to code. Prev. studied Math @ Stanford.

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