Meet iSwiftUI 😀

Demo’s Built Entirely with packages

You’re building the next big app.

Maybe it’s a health app, or a stocks app, or social app. You’re excited by your product’s potential impact. You’re excited by the unique challenges of your product.

You’re maybe a little less passionate about the intricacies of a UIViewRepresentable. And maybe a little more passionate about the proprietary ML algorithm integrated natively into your app. At least I was.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m an absolute nerd and LOVE to geek out over interesting code. I’m the guy on the team people call when those whacky bugs show up. That’s why I was so frustrated by the large time I spent on generic product code as opposed to unique product code. I wanted to spend my days on code unique to my app, not code all apps use.

This frustration, and a love for challenge, inspired a friend & I to start the website

The premise is simple.

We believe that it should be quick & easy to find & implement the most powerful SwiftUI components on the internet.

We don’t build all our packages from scratch. Instead, we start from the best in open source. Next, we standardize implementation. Finally, we write clear & consistent documentation.

Our goal is to improve the developer experience. We hope developers can spend more time on their fun, awesome, unique challenges. And spend less time on generic product code.

If you’re a developer & this mission resonates with you, let us know. We add new packages every day.

If you have thoughts on our project, please tell us! We love feedback. Add a comment to this article & I’ll respond shortly 😀



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